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Strategic Plan

 Dear Sir/Madam,

In today's world, civil aviation is an area of considerable importance for the majority of people. It enables safe, comfortable and fast transport of passengers and provides the fastest transport of goods. It has a positive impact on business development, it is an important component of leisure activity, it is a field for innovation in many most diverse areas of the economy.

An Extremely large and ever-increasing group of Poles using the civil aviation services has a right to expect an offer that will satisfy their different needs, and will also provide the highest level of security. The Civil Aviation Authority must therefore act in the best interest of the public - through a multi-faceted safety control, protection of the rights of passengers and supervision over the aviation business.

In order to face the challenges posed by the development of civil aviation in Poland and in the world, We present to you the next Strategic Plan of the Civil Aviation Authority, this time for the 2015-2019 period. This document defines the most important objectives for the CAA’s mission and ways to achieve them. The plan has been developed on the basis of comprehensive analysis, taking into account all the identified needs of our stakeholders. It includes all essential areas of CAA’s operation, and it also includes aspects of ensuring efficiency of operation.

Strategic Plan of the Civil Aviation Authority is in line with the objectives set out in the 2020 Better Government strategy which was adopted in 2013 and which assumes improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of public administration - for the benefit of citizens and through an extensive cooperation with them. Our document is also in line with the development of specific programs supervised by the Prime Minister. Above all, its contents refers to the Transport Development Strategy until 2020 (with 2030 perspective) - through effective supervision over the civil aviation safety, seeking to ensure environmentally sustainable development of the Polish aviation market, introducing risk management in the field of civil aviation, and through monitoring of the operation of air transport market.

The present document is also a response to the challenges proposed to the EU Member States by the European Commission and the European Aviation Safety Agency, associated with improving competitiveness of the aviation sector and with particular actions to be taken in order for the European Union to become the safest civil aviation region in the world. The CAA’s strategy is also consistent with the key areas of ICAO’s operation in the years 2013-2016 in respect of safety, efficiency and capacity of the air navigation system, protection and facilitation, economic development of air transport and environmental protection.

We are convinced that the Strategic Plan identifying the key objectives of the Civil Aviation Authority, will be our guideline which sets directions for the implementation of innovative working methods and has a positive impact on new ways of organisational thinking, and thus will allow us to open to the requirements and needs of all our customers to an even greater extent.



Strategic Plan for 2015-2019

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