Ms. Małgorzata Polkowska - Polish candidate for the Council of ICAO

Mr. Sławomir Nowak - the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy took a decision that Poland will be  a candidate to the ICAO Council in 2013. The Polish candidate for a representative in the ICAO Council 2013-2016 is Ms Małgorzata Polkowska, Ph.D. We would like to present the curriculum vitae of our candidate.

Education: She holds a certificate of higher education in Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw at the Law and Administration Faculty (Master Thesis on Paris Convention of 13th October, 1919 and Commission Internationale de la Navigation Aérienne - CINA Activities in 1922-1939, a doctor’s thesis on Contract of Air Carriage and Air Carrier Liability in Warsaw - Montreal System. Condition and Perspectives of the System). She is an author of over 50 publications in Polish and English concerning mostly International Aviation Law (International Civil Aviation Organization - ICAO, international and European Aviation organizations, air navigation, safety & security, commercial air transport, environmental protection, Single European Sky, civil and criminal Aviation law, Unmanned Aircraft Systems - UAS, state sovereignty, space law, etc.) in Annals of Air and Space Law - Institute of Air and Space Law - IASL McGill, Uniform law Review, UNIDROIT (International Institute for the Unification of Private Law), The Aviation and Space Journal (Bologna University), European Space Policy Institute - ESPI perspectives, Revista Europea de Derecho de la Navegación Marítimay Aeronáutica - Malaga University). Ms. Polkowska lectured Aviation Law in several Polish academies and universities (School of Economics in Warsaw, National Academy of Defense, National School of Prosecutors and Jurists in Warsaw). She conducted Aviation law courses for Aviation Training Academies (pilots) as well.

Job experience: From 1996 till 2003 she worked in LOT Polish Airlines “LOT”, she was an air cargo instructor accredited by International Air Transport Association - IATA; she participated in many courses and IATA symposiums, conducted cargo courses concerning air transport (Dangerous Goods, Live Animals, Perishable Cargo, etc.). She is an author of many instructions and procedures in LOT (general conditions of contracts of air carriage, Cargo carriage). Since 2003 she has worked in the Civil Aviation Authority as a Legal adviser: making projects of national, European legislations, analyses of international treaties, conducting the legislation process of the Aviation Act and the regulations, she participated in seminars, conferences and trainings in the civil Air domain organized by ICAO, IATA, IASL McGill, International Institute of Air and Space Law - IIASL Leiden University. She has been a lecturer at conferences organized by ICAO, IASL McGill, IIASL Leiden, EALA, ESPI, UNIDROIT. She permanently cooperates with and is a member of working groups in Directorate-General for Transport, The European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation - EUROCONTROL, ESPI, UNIDROIT (Cape Town Convention and Aviation Protocol), European Aviation Safety Agency - EASA. She has been a Polish representative at the ICAO Legal Committees and diplomatic international conferences in ICAO (Montreal 2009, Beijing 2010) or in McGill and Leiden University. Ms. Polkowska has been a coordinator with ESPI and Polish Academy of Science in the area of Polish space law Act and space policy. Since 2011 she has been a Legal Counselor in the President’s Bureau, a member of the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction working group at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She also gave legal opinions and analyses of the air crash accident of the Polish State aircraft in 2010. She has been a Polish representative in the Rulemaking Advisory Group (RAG/AGNA/EASA). She cooperates with the European Commission (EASA Committee), she is a member of EUROCONTROL Just Culture Task Force. Since 2013 she has been Plenipotentiary for the President for European and International Affairs and since May 2013 she has been working as a Deputy Director of the President’s Bureau.

She speaks fluent English and French and has passive knowledge of Russian and Italian.

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