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Traveling with a child

podróż z dzieckiem

If you are going to travel by air with a child, we recommend to apply in advance for the document confirming the identity of your child.

For more information and a legal basis can be found in the documents tab

Baby food

Baby food is exempt from the restrictions on the carriage of liquids. Therefore, when flying with a baby you can bring to the restricted area, as well as bring on board, baby food in a container with a capacity of 100 ml and in more than will fit in one liter bag.

More information can be found in the “rules for the carriage of liquids in hand luggage” section

z_wozkiem.jpgTraveling with trolley

Traveling with a baby trolley is permitted and widely practiced. However, due to their size trolleys often can not be transported in the cabin of the aircraft, and they are transported in the cargo compartment. Check-in of a trolley usually looks like the same as in case of the checked baggage. Tag shall be provided at the check-in point, and just before the passenger boards the plane it is placed in the hold (trolley is returned immediately after landing).

Troller can of course be checked-in as a regular checked baggage. In this case, it is recommended that it is adequately protected.

pokoj_matki_dziecka.jpgMother and baby room

The majority of Polish airports travelers with children can find a family room, where there is a possibility to swaddle and feed the baby in peace and quiet.
Information about the location of these facilities can be found on the websites of airports, you can also get them directly from the airport staff.





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