22.01.2021 Aktualizacja: 22.01.2021

AFTM-X procedure in the case of critical transport flights of COVID-19 vaccines

The Civil Aviation Authority informs that at the meeting of the European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell on January 12 this year, it was agreed to use the AFTM-X procedure in the case of critical transport flights of COVID-19 vaccines.

To ensure that COVID-19 vaccine distribution flights are correctly identified by ATC and ATM and given appropriate priority, aircraft operators of flights carrying such vaccines should request for approval from CAA of Poland (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for exemption from ATFM measures for each flight deemed critical. Upon approval, STS/ATFMX and RMK/VACCINE shall be inserted in Item 18 of the flight plan. Aircraft Operators carrying COVID-19 vaccines regularly may request approval in advance for all flights involved.

pdf21-0011_Attachment_ATFMX_for_C19_Vaccine_Flights_2.pdf610.23 KB

pdf21-0011_EASPG02_flwup_Concl_2_1_EACCC_ATFM_vaccine_exmptns_002.pdf562.62 KB

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