Fly Wisely – Be Safe - an information campaign of the Polish CAA

Due to the increasing popularity of unmanned aircraft and their availability in the market, the Civil Aviation Authority has prepared an information video and a website www.latajzglowa.pl, designed to draw attention to the most important principles of safe flying unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly called "drones."

Flying "drone" can be a wonderful experience with aviation, but the operator should keep in mind that "drone", which might often look like a toy is a subject to the aviation law, for which violation might cause severe consequences. This inconspicuous device used irresponsibly may lead to hazardous situations, so knowing the principles of safe flying is of great importance. Civil Aviation Authority has prepared a short information video in which a professional pilot and at the same time the President of the Civil Aviation Authority advises drone operators on best practices directed to people wishing to fly recreationally.
We invite you to familiriaze with the 10 principles of safe flying.

rysunek 1 fly only

rysunek 2 manual

rysunek 3 city

rysunek 4 airport

rysunek 5 150m

rysunek 6 insurance

rysunek 7 privacy

rysunek 8 rules

rysunek 9 toy 





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